a CUSTOMER RETENTION SOLUTION built from the ground up for the insurance industry

Preventing policyholder lapse or non-renewal is a high priority business objective. Yet, for most insurers, it’s extremely difficult, time consuming and costly to work through thousands of policyholder records and transactions to identify which customers are likely to leave.

Spyglaz for Insurers™ is a platform for proactive customer retention built specifically for Life, Personal and Commercial insurance companies. We use machine learning to predict when an insurer will lose customers before they actually lose them, along with insights on influencers and trigger events that are precursors to customer loss.

Insights on future lapse are integrated into live customer conversations – at that precise moment where the insurer can influence the decision and prevent the lapse. Retaining just a fraction of the at-risk policies flagged by Spyglaz can deliver savings of millions, even for small or mid-size insurers.

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