SAN MATEO, December 23 2021 —Spyglaz, a Silicon Valley based software company announced today that Sanjay Baskaran has joined its advisory board.

Sanjay has 20+ years leadership experience scaling and growing companies in fintech, digital commerce, and insurance industries. He spent 5 years as CEO & GM digitally transforming and scaling SaaS based Fintechs, 5 years at Amazon & Visa launching and growing credit cards & financial products that use ML across the lifecycle of commerce and payments, and nearly 10 years at HSBC applying data and analytics across financial service, banking, and insurance.

Neeraja Rasmussen founder and CEO of Spyglaz said “I’m delighted to have Sanjay on our advisory board as his experience scaling SaaS businesses can really help Spyglaz grow. Sanjay’s experience with early stage investing in tech and deep tech will also be valuable as we evolve and grow as a company.”

Sanjay said “I’m really impressed with Neeraja’s vision in designing and developing Spyglaz’s solution that serves a tremendous growth opportunity across multiple financial sectors.” He added “I’m thrilled to be a thought partner and help the Spyglaz team as they further develop and deploy their retention solution”

Spyglaz is headquartered in San Mateo, California and is a machine learning platform for customer retention and growth, serving the insurance, asset management and retail banking industries. Spyglaz uses machine learning to predict the next best action for better customer conversations, which distribution partners are most likely to grow over time, and early asset retention opportunities. They do this through a rapid adoption process that does not require backend integration, does not touch legacy systems, and starts delivering value within 4 weeks.