Frequently Asked Questions

What does Spyglaz do?2018-03-14T02:34:47+00:00

Spyglaz is a customer retention platform that uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyse your customer data and deliver insights into which customers you are in danger of losing.

In what format will my churn predictions be delivered?2018-03-14T02:34:47+00:00

You can download your list to an Excel file. The recommendations can then be easily uploaded to your CRM system, email and other marketing tools.

Is my data secured?2018-03-14T02:34:46+00:00

Yes, your data is secure and will never be shared with anyone. Spyglaz also secures the connection between your browser and the web server, using 265-bit AES encryption. It’s the same encryption type as used by a vast majority of internet banks. Additionally, all Spyglaz applications and data are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our data is secured by Azure’s world class security and encryption.

Does Spyglaz provide a free demonstration of the product?2018-03-14T02:34:46+00:00
Does Spyglaz offer other product features?2018-03-14T02:34:46+00:00

Yes. Spyglaz can also help you increase revenue from your current customers by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Spyglaz analyses patterns in your sales data to identify which customers are most likely to result in a sale—including which product or service they are most likely to purchase. Contact us to learn more.

Which credits cards do you accept?2018-03-14T02:34:46+00:00

Spyglaz accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Who processes my credit card information?2018-03-14T02:34:45+00:00

Our payment processing is managed by Braintree, a global PayPal company that processes more than $10 billion annually for thousands of online and mobile companies. Spyglaz serves as a gateway for this process and does not store your credit information.

Is Spyglaz available outside AU?2018-03-28T07:35:58+00:00

Spyglaz is available globally. You can subscribe to our service from any country/location.

How accurate is the data output from Spyglaz?2018-03-14T02:34:45+00:00

The insights delivered by Spyglaz include a probability score ranging from 1% (lowest probability) to 99%. (highest probability) that a customer will churn. Our proprietary algorithms analyse your historical customer data and identify macro trends that have historically led to customer loss.

The accuracy of the predictions ranges from 75%-99% and is determined by the amount of historical data that you can provide to train the algorithms. Data can include sales transactions, product usage, number of logins, net promoter scores, calls to customer service, outcome of customer service interactions, marketing/sales outreach to customer and other types of data that are typically influencers of customer satisfaction and engagement.

Does Spyglaz show trend information to help me understand the value I’m generating through reduced customer churn?2018-03-14T02:34:45+00:00

Yes. Spyglaz includes visualizations of customer churn over time. You will be able to correlate your follow-up actions to a view of reduced customer churn over time.

What do you define as a record of data?2018-03-14T02:34:45+00:00

A line of data pertaining to a customer transaction within your business.

My business has specific seasonality based on our products, how can Spyglaz be effective for me?2018-03-14T02:34:44+00:00

Spyglaz can analyse multiple data types and we can customize algorithms for specific inputs such as seasonality.

Are there any pricing benefits for longer term commitments?2018-03-14T02:34:44+00:00

Yes. The longer you choose to partner with us, the greater the pricing discount. Please contact us to learn more.

What does a 1 user license relate to?2018-03-14T02:34:44+00:00

A single user license may be used by an individual business unit within your company.

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