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Customer retention, or put another way, reducing customer churn, still remains a high priority business objective today. Yet, for most businesses, it’s extremely difficult, time consuming and costly to work through thousands of customers with thousands of transactions with a view to identifying which customers are likely to leave.

Spyglaz was created specifically to help businesses simplify the complexity of customer retention efforts in today’s data-intensive environment.

Spyglaz helps you leverage the power of predictive analytics and machine learning for customer retention. Our business intelligence platform delivers key insights on churn and predicts potential customer loss before it happens. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms analyse your historical customer data and identify macro trends that have historically led to customer loss.

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Spyglaz was founded by a team with deep experience in the customer acquisition and retention space. Our mission was to build an application that could help companies retain customers by delivering timely predictions on potential customer loss or churn. Using machine learning, our team of Data Scientists provide cutting edge insights into your customers’ behavior that enable you to focus on high-risk segments and prioritize your resources and efforts accordingly.

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